Wednesday, January 28, 2015

THERE is now proof of life after death — although it’s not what you would think

Spanish company, Bios Urn, has developed a fully biodegradable urn that allows people to grow a tree from the ashes of a loved one’s mortal remains.
The company hope the urn will offer users a natural and sustainable alternative for remembering those who have passed away.
On their website, the company claim their product has been designed for success with the top capsule of the urn being purposely built to facilitate the growth of the seed.
“Before burying the urn you have to mix the components with some soil from where you want to plant the urn. The components allow a proper seed germination,” they wrote.
“Thanks to Bios Urn structure, the seed germinates in the top capsule, separated from the ashes. Once the urn starts to biodegrade seed roots are already strong enough to contact the ashes. With biodegradation the entire set becomes part of the subsoil.”
Available for both people and pets, the product offers customers the ability to pick six different varieties of seeds including pine, ginkgo, maple, oak, ash and beech.
The urns can also be purchased years ahead of their use as the materials stay active as long as they remain in a relatively cool environment.
While the idea may not be for everyone, if you are looking for environmentally friendly burial option that personifies the cycle of the life, the Bios Urn could be for you.
A pine tree is just one of the options available. Picture: Braden Fastier
A pine tree is just one of the options available. Picture: Braden Fastier 

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