Wednesday, January 7, 2015

For Today - Share a Sweet and Thoughtful Gift It's Quite Priceless

So a few minutes after choosing this above note to myself I receive a fabulously thoughtful gift from a lady that I've barely met. She and I became firm blogger friends, encouraging each other and offering advice & support. We share the same wicked sense of humour and I can count on her, and her blog "Desert Girl on Kuwait" to cheer up my day. She was feeling down not so long ago and I decided to send her one of my cakes, I think it was lemon and blueberry. It was perfect timing as it was her birthday. Being able to cheer her up delighted me. I didn't want anything in return just to try and make someone feel a little better -  and cake can do that. 

So this morning to receive a book from her, especially this book, was heart warming. I love my book, thank you xxx. I had written in one of my posts complaining that I'd lent this beloved book to someone and never seen it again and she remembered and got me a replacement. 

DG, you are a sweetheart and we will definitely be doing breakfast very soon. 

My long lost book

You must give to receive; Love, kindness, positivity & friendship. I learned from the best.

It's going to be a great day.


  1. You sent me the cake without knowing it was my birthday, I think. Because that is what kind of a considerate person you are. I'm glad I could make you happy today. My biggest pleasures in life come from doing things for others (2-legged and 4-legged). You are the same. :) When I found the book, I was giddy! LOL It is also an interesting read.

    1. You are a kind thoughtful sweetheart. I love my pressie. xxx


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