Saturday, January 3, 2015

Obituary: Lindsey Dunning

Our dear Lindsey died in her sleep last night. A lovely, caring friend, mother, step-mother and wife. A great laugh, an awesome photographer and such a beacon of hope for all the foster children she took care of. Lindsey had COPD and a heart problem making life an incredible struggle. She battled constant lung infections and spent many weeks in hospital. She will always be remembered for her kindness, wisdom and humour. May you rest in peace, Lindsey.

Lindsey's spectacular photographs of Kuwait's 50/20 celebrations fireworks display [link] and The Red Arrows air show [link]. 


  1. RIP dear sister.
    Too late to sort things out now and i didn't even know you had died...
    Mand xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. I'm glad you managed to speak to her husband finally. If there's anything else I can do please don't hesitate. May she rest in peace.

    2. Thanks again x

  2. Mandy, don't beat yourself up about it. None of the Blue Fountain crew knew of her passing either. She was a great friend, the life and soul when she lived with me & I would have loved to pay my respects too. She moved on, such is life x x x

  3. Such sad news,one of the few genuinely lovely people you meet in life,rest in peace Lindsay xx kinny.

    1. She is loved and missed by many, Kinny.

  4. Such a shame, one of the few genuinely lovely people in life. Rest in peace Lindsay xxx

  5. I first met Lindsay when we were both only 15 years old, and although we lost contact in later years, I will always remember her as a lovely, lively person. Sincere condolences to her family.

    1. Thank you Phluph I'm sure some of her family will see your lovely message of condolence.

  6. Linz was not only my special friend we treated eachother like sisters. Whether near or far we were never out of touch. She was soooo talented in whatever she put her hands to ie photography, cooking(she even taught me to cook hehe) sewing... U name it she was on the ball.... Her family.... Being her lovin husband Scott and dear close friends loved and cared for her dearly.... Even though she took a heartache to her grave from certain persons she will never be far from our thoughts that truly loved her... RIP my dear sis.... Love you always and have my lovely garden to watch grow which was yet another of your talents xxxxxxx bigbird

    1. She loved you so much, she always talked about you. I'm so sorry Sharon I know this must be very hard for you. I know that Deb has spoken with you and we were all sad that there was no chance to say our goodbyes. She's with her beloved Dad and Mum. We shall all miss her. x

  7. Auntie Barb and Jo came today and we remembered you. You will never be forgotten and never will, regardless of what people think Linds!

    Constantly thinking,
    never to be the same,
    the tears fall quickly
    just hearing your name.

    Silence is golden
    yet not anymore
    silence brings thoughts
    I just can't ignore.
    My nights are sleepless,
    dreams out of reach.
    Crying in my pillow
    to you I beseech.

    Surrounded by memories,
    I feel so alone.
    My heart is so empty,
    this pain I must own.

    I wish I could hug you
    and just see your face.
    But now I have memories
    to stand in your place.

    Gone but not forgotten,
    that's what they say.
    Of course that is true...
    but if only you could of stayed.

    If you could have stayed
    and just let me know
    we could have sorted this Lindsey
    but now its a No!

    I left it too late
    that's my cross to bear
    When we meet again
    you will know that I cared!

    With much love from Mand xx ...

  8. Linz was one in a million un I treasure Avin been a part of her life.... I made her laugh wen she was breaking her heart on Skype concernin certain so called family members... I believe in karma un shame it takes Linzs passin for them to realise what they have lost... Words mean nothin but bein there to share your good days un bad with people who truly care is a bond I will take to my grave.... Sooooo miss u Linz ... Skype will never be the same... I know I'm bein selfish as I hurt so much but what keeps me goin is knowin u ave no more heartache un with your lovely mum un dad and can rest in peace.... Big birdie hugs always xxxxxx

    1. I know she looked forward to her Skype chats with you they always made her day. You are a true and wonderful friend, soul sisters no doubt. We all feel your pain. x

  9. I feel Mandy's pain. It is indeed shocking to know her so long, know the bonds she had with her sister all those years and for someone to be commenting like this on a public forum.. her pain is real and heartfelt and will never leave her. RIP Lindsey.

    1. I think both parties are hurting badly. I prefer to stay impartial as I only know one side of the story. I hope they can get past this because it really doesn't achieve anything except more pain.

  10. hearing of Lindsey's passing is sad news to anyone who knew her, especially the family, from what I know the family had their issues, just like any other family I know, but it should remain exactly that, a family issue, others should not get involved and/or leave messages with a negative tone to them. which would no doubt upset anyone grieving, the family I'm sure have a tough enough time dealing with her loss without outside negativity. lets all remember Lindsey in our own ways and celebrate her life. being negative towards others only eats away at positive can come out of it.we all need to come to terms with her passing in our own time and move on with our lives best we can. We all have our own view on things but in situations such as these I feel certain views should be kept to ones self and allow others to grieve.

  11. Remembering dear Lindsey...
    With much love


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