Friday, July 24, 2015

Art in Practise @NuqatME

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Art in Practice: A hands-on workshop of art applications for children
Maha AlEssa
Who can attend?
Open for children ages 8 to 11

Students will learn about artists who use abstraction to emphasize the importance of feelings and ideas, applying these ideas in a variety of ways to their own work. For the creation of their art projects students will gain exposure to the different styles of several iconic artists to draw inspiration.

The artists and styles we will explore include Salvador Dali's transformations of realistic figures, Charles Demuth's precisionist style, and Georgia O'Keeffe and Helen Frankenthaler's abstract color studies. Other projects give students a chance to abstract a face as they create a Pablo Picasso-style portrait, and paint a historical mural on Mission life in the style of Diego Rivera.

To provide an introduction of concepts, vocabulary, and skills through looking at modern artists who use abstraction to emphasize the importance of feelings and ideas; exploring concepts such as form, movement, rhythm, unity, and utilizing the knowledge in creating a variety of applied art projects.

August 10: Surrealism – Legends
August 12: Abstract landscapes- Landscape Design
August 15: Cubism – Self-portrait
August 17: Number Designs – Poster Design
August 19: Organic and Geometric Shapes – Interior Design
August 22: Symbolic Colors – Habitats Study
August 24: Mural – Urban Design
August 26: Form in nature – Garden Design
August 29: Repetition of shape – Tea Party
August 31: Optical Illusions – Print Making

Workshop language

English & Arabic (Bilingual)

Price $365

Bookings can be made through their website

To know more about the workshop instructor Maha Al Essa:
Instagram: meemalessa
Facebook: meemalessa
Youtube: meemalessa


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