Saturday, November 14, 2015

Book Launch Party: Nejoud Al Yagout's 'Awake in the Game of Pretending' at Dar Hamad Restaurant

Nejoud Al Yagout is a talented poet and author transcending the realms of conformity. Nejoud's interview with Bazaar Magazine in September [

 Awake in the Game of Pretending

"Love is the realm where doves and dragons surrender."

In a world that too often vibrates on the lower frequencies of fear, grief and confusion, love guides mankind to enlightenment. And in awakening, one searches for a more solid place in the human game. Pain and suffering; the cycle of life and death - they appear to be necessary struggles in the quest for self-realization, though perhaps they are not. Who knows? Awake in the Game of Pretending continues the spiritual exploration begun in This is an imprint, connecting readers on a collective scale.

"Al-Yagout takes readers on a spiritual journey that will challenge and inspire... Moving, illuminating verse." - Kirkus Review


  1. Nejoud Al-YagoutNovember 14, 2015

    Immensely grateful for your support... Love and blessings.

    1. A pleasure. Wishing you much success, peace and love.


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