Sunday, May 14, 2017

Review: Beauty And The Beast The Musical

Wow! I am a huge fan of Staged In Kuwait Productions but this one was phenomenal, truly fantastic! Everything from the stage decoration, costumes, wigs, make up, amusing magical tea cup boy, the acting and the truly incredible singing made a fabulous show. I would say their best ever and I've seen some excellent SIK musicals but this was really first class. I have nothing but praise for this band of merry volunteers who give up their time and almost literally break legs every performance with their energetic, all out performance. 

Tim, you are a supreme being who's creativity and artistic vision knows no bounds I can not believe how lucky we are to have you and all these wonderful, talented, extraordinary people in Kuwait. You made our week. Thank you.

I really hope Staged In Kuwait find much needed sponsorship/funding and a new location because to lose this calibre of theatre would be truly heartbreaking.

Oh, and while we are on the subject of how amazing Tim Wadell is, how about an MBE for his 21 years of artistic service to the community in Kuwait. Kuwait would not be the same without him.

If you haven't seen the show then don't worry due to it's huge popularity SIK are putting on one more show on Friday 19th May at 2.30pm and tickets are still available at I promise you that you will love it.

It's an 11/10 from me.

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