Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Inspirational Encounters

There are many inspirational stories out there and I love every one of them. As one grows older it seems that these are more than moments of inspiration but divine intervention, messages and directions.

Yesterday, I was nagging my teen to get on with her revision for exams and she was moaning and procrastinating about it all, especially how hard physics is. We had bought a sofa bed and so I was simultaneously battling with her and the logistics of getting the sofa in the lift. I went downstairs with hubby to take a look at the sofa as hubby was about to give up. One of our neighbours passed by and though we don't know each other well we always say hi and have a quick chat about the kids and weather. She was telling me how she and the family were emigrating to Canada and was showing me pics of the new home and telling me of her concerns. I invited her up for a coffee as we were standing chatting for so long downstairs and I felt sort of bad that my neighbour of seven years was now leaving for good and had never been in my home. 

She is a lovely Kuwaiti lady of Iranian descent who teaches here in Kuwait. She knows my daughter from passing chats and was asking her about her exams. My daughter told her of her efforts and that she was a little worried about certain subjects. My neighbour shared her very inspiring story with us; at 6 years old she didn't know her colours and felt embarassed at being called 'dumb' at school but as she explained no one had taught her. As the years at school passed her school reports always read the same - needs to work harder, unable to grasp subjects, needs evaluating. Even her own sister admitted she thought she was 'retarded'. But that adversity became her chance to shine. Miss Dumb and Retarded went on to study physics at Exeter University and now holds a PhD in Physics. She is always careful how she words her explanations to her struggling pupils as she remembers only too well how very disheartening words and judgement can be. 

My daughter and I were both really surprised and encouraged by her sharing her incredible story at such a timely moment. Thank you God, the universe and my kindly neighbour whom I don't recall the name of but will be making her something special and yummy to eat for Ramadan and sending it over before she relocates to Canada. 

Inspiration and signs are everywhere. Be open and ready to gain the wisdom. 

PS. Hubby managed to get the sofa in the lift, in place and looking great whilst I chatted with our inspirational neighbour, so a very good day all round.

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