Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I Love Kuwait. Just when I think I've had enough you woo me back with your vibrancy, passion, bravery and hope.

by Eildh Middleten

Behold. It's not me, it's you.
Look if you want to, look away if you don't.
I am creation, I am perfection.
I'm not part, I'm whole.
I will not be named, shamed, maimed anymore.
I am neither your territory nor your whore.
I am woman to the core.
Hear me wail and hear me roar.
I am my own defender.
My only guardian is the lock on my door. It's key is in me.
It's not me, it's you.
Shield your own skin.
Mine longs to feel the sun burn.
Shield your thoughts that meander and yearn.
I will not be prey to your predatory ways.
It's not me, it's you.
Avert your eyes if my curves offend you,
if my skin perturbs you,
if my softness hardens you,
if my hardness softens you.

Avert your eyes it's not me, it's you.

A lovely morning viewing some really good artwork at The Hub Gallery formerly FA Gallery. An inspiring, thoughtful and provocative exhibit... I loved it.

Going away from the gallery but with regards to the restoring of my faith; a few days ago we took one of the family's maids to emergency at Al Sabah. She had severe headache, passed out, vomited and was incoherent for a few hours. Initially, we were told sinusitus, then not, then referred to triage again for checks. Our patient was in a wheelchair and we were worried it might be a stroke. The lady porter with us was brilliant and stayed with us, taking us to the front of the queues, sorting our papers and taking us around and up and down. Whilst we were waiting in triage, to see the fourth doctor that day, an Arabic hijabed woman (I don't want to say for sure which nationality as it's hard to tell sometimes) speaking with a Kuwaiti accent yelled at our porter to get her a wheelchair for her companion. The porter with us told her that she was busy with us to which the nasty woman screamed and pushed the porter yelling yalla go get me a wheelchair now and then pushed past her shouting get out of my way. Okay patience blown. I yelled back at this rude woman to behave herself and shame on her for talking and behaving like that. She told me she wasn't talking to me, I told her that I don't care I was talking to her. She said it's not my business, I told her I'm making it my business. By now everyone could hear us and we had quite an audience, I was thinking that security might come and throw us both out but no, she left and we carried on waiting. 

I took a seat next to a woman wearing niqab who kindly asked me if I was okay. I said I was and apologised for my outburst at the horrible rude woman. She was horrified by the woman's rude behaviour. We starting chatting and exchanged stories. She had brought her maid in that had been with them only a week and sat and waited with her for hours until we left.

I thank this lovely niqabed lady for making me realise the yin and yang of life. 

Our maid is fine. CT scan shows inflammation of the sinuses and with medication she is already feeling better.

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