Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Last Chance To Be Part Of The Proteges Generation Seven

Kuwait - Berlin - Prague

This Friday (May 12th 2017) is the last day of registration for The Proteges Generation 7 
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We want to achieve a perfect formula to integrate knowledge and life experiences and stimulate the minds of the new generation to bring about a better tomorrow. We are accumulating the combined knowledge and expertise of all our mentors in an effort to refine the students and deliver them the right message.What most people consider ‘free-time’, we consider an opportunity, a precious chance to utilize that time and transform it into a learning opportunity for our participants, wherein every moment can be taken advantage of to learn, interact, and deliver.Tell your story. Use catchy text, bullets, links and more to bring your words to life.


 The Proteges will take you to an extraordinary life experience that combines fun, work, wisdom and personality development. Simply put, The Proteges will open your eyes to a new world that you always craved. This 6-weeks program will give you the chance to experience:

- Unique outdoor activities
- Seminars
- Workshops
- Developing business ideas allowing you to start your own business
- Games, group interactions and activities to enable hands on learning
- Trip abroad
- Unlimited fun

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