Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Review: Le Pain Quotidien, Avenues

Shockingly poor experience. We have a saying for people who can't cook we say "they can't even boil an egg," so here you go PQ here's a chart for you.

Mine was a 1 minute, both times.

Had brunch there today, my friend ordered the salad Nicoise and I had the salmon, boiled egg brunch with granola. We were offered bread two very similar types, no bread basket, just on a plate. We had to ask for butter and jams. I noticed some of my friend's potatoes in her salad had some black spots and my boiled egg was raw. Sent egg back. Another egg arrived also raw. I told the waitress not to bother as I had now finished my food. Bizarre. Waitress did try to make amends by bringing over a strawberry tart which didn't go down too well as my friend doesn't eat strawberries and I was stuffed with croissant. 

I paid the full price as didn't want to make a fuss in front of my friend but I was surprised they had the cheek to charge me full price for 3/4 of a breakfast. The bread wasn't very fresh but we were hungry and it's hard to complain about something you've eaten.

Come on PQ you can do much better than this.

The salmon and croissant were delicious. Granola boring, I've had much better jams in Kuwait and the cappuccino was cold.

1/10 and won't go back. 

Update - You can always eat your words if they are on yummy focaccia bread. A wonderful response from LPQ, an apology and an invite to redeem themselves; which they did. [link].


  1. Oh that's sad! I've eaten at PQ on several occasions, but its always been for a full-fledged lunch or dinner and never their brunch dishes. Probably not a good time to try.

    1. I've had a few meals there too but never had this kind of experience before.


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