Thursday, July 14, 2016

Review: Promenade Ice Skating Rink, Hawally

Super fun for kids aged up to 13. Take socks, leggings, gloves and a jacket with you - it's freezing in there. Best to call ahead can get very busy you may have to wait for the next session. 

Reasonably priced at KD 6 per hour which includes skate hire, an extra KD 1 for a polar bear skate buddy to keep you upright. There are coaches available for private lessons and all the staff seem very professional and helpful. 

My daughter and her friend had a great time. I was happy that there is an age limit as the bigger boys can be scary charging around, but saw none of that here. Well supervised by the staff, lots of smiling happy kids even if there were turning a bit blue.

Promenade Ice is located in Promenade Mall, Hawally above the Sultan Centre (there are two Sultan Centres in Hawally so please see map). Map

Big bonus is that the restaurants in this mall are NOT McDonalds or Burgerking. 


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