Sunday, July 31, 2016

Woohoo! Nailed Project Bread

I've been dying to use this for the longest time. My previous attempts at bread have been
not so great. And I think I know why...

It's wonderful to have this bread making machine which takes out a lot of
work but I think the real secret is the flour and the easy yeast.
So worth the extra money. Both were purchased at TSC in Shaab.

Once I had deciphered the instruction booklet which I found unnecessarily complicated I was all set. It really is very simple. It took less than 4 minutes to weigh ingredients and that's it, select the button and you have bread. Okay it takes a long time (up to 5 hours for some breads from mixing to finished bake time) but really, really easy and the outcome was fabulous.

And here she is.. A big beautiful granary bread, perfectly baked and smelling divine. Had to have a chunk slathered in butter before bed. The verdict: Heavenly.
Have you ever seen anything more gorgeous? Feeling very pleased with myself.

I would definitely recommend this bread maker. Don't be daunted by the instructions it was really pretty simple and for a first attempt I am really motivated to try other breads. I have a brioche with chocolate chips in the magic maker as I blog and it should be ready for afternoon tea. Fingers crossed.

I will get around to using the timer, eventually, so that I can set it at night and wake up to freshly baked bread smell in the morning. 

So far I'm loving the bread maker. Have I said that already? 

It's easy to clean just wipe with a damp cloth. A few pointers; always put your yeast and sugar in first followed by flour, salt, liquid, etc. Take bread out as soon as baked so it keeps a crunchy crust. Take out and place on a rack to cool. And that's it. Happy bread making. 

Thank you so much to my fabulous sister-in-law (Suad and family) for buying this for me as a gift for Christmas. Your thoughtful kindness is eternally appreciated and freshly baked bread will be coming your way very soon. Big love xxx


  1. Looks good! My mum had a Panasonic breadmaker when I was a kid (I think it's still going strong) and she would set it for 6 in the morning so that we'd wake up to fresh bread. I'm not as ambitious though and have never tried making my own.

    1. I mean it's. It's soooooo easy. Do you ever type so fast you miss the keys. Seems to happen often to me. That and my inability to proofread properly, I can proofread but still miss typos until after I post it.


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