Monday, July 11, 2016

The Ultimate Mystery Game - Trapped Inn


Trapped Inn is a real life escape game which provides a thrilling team building experience in a mysterious hotel setting. Each room of this hotel will take you through a spectacular adventure to a world beyond your imagination. 

Trapped Inn Kuwait beholds the largest escape game facility in the Middle East with eight different scenarios in one place. With its great location (Symphony Mall, Salmiya ) and ease of access, Trapped Inn is not far from you to live your 60 minutes of great adrenaline rush experience. 

The rooms are full of puzzles and riddles that require logical thinking, communication, observation and analysis to solve. It is a great opportunity to stretch your limits, test your skills, and unleash some hidden talents you did not know you have. 

Trapped Inn team will provide some clues to make your game experience more entertaining. It is easy to get in but what is inside is unexpected. Satisfaction is guaranteed in Trapped Inn; however, escaping is not. Book your room online now and let the fun begin.

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