Wednesday, September 19, 2012

“THE SPANISH CORNER”: Genuine Spanish Paellas & Tapas Now in Kuwait and Delivered to Your Door

Spain is a country of strong contrasts, of passions and spirit. Its cuisine reflects this. The food is colorful, healthy, fresh and traditional. In Spain we love the Mediterranean food and we care about the quality of our ingredients. We use olive oil of course, as well as good round rice. But we also use healthy vegetables like green beans, peppers, tomato, garlic, artichokes, peas, etc. Poultry and fish-seafood are the usual travel mates of this journey to our jewel of the Mediterranean gastronomy. Spanish spices such delicate saffron, red sweet paprika and even rosemary give the final touch. We belong to a genuine Valencian family and we cook the true paellas and fideuas centuries ago. Be the first in impressing your relatives and friends with the first genuine Spanish food available in Kuwait.

Contact us and we will cater you directly to your place and make sure the paella pan is returned. Minimum order 6 portions and 5 hours anticipation. Our paellas are cooked in the traditional iron paella pans imported from Spain and all ingredients are fresh, of course halal and bought in Kuwait.

Prices include home delivery and pan return, in the area of Salmiya, Kuwait city, Bneid al Gar, Hawalli, Jabriya, Salwa Rumaythiya, Surra, etc. Home deliveries to other areas will be charged at 2 KD extra.


“Paella Valenciana” (the genuine vegetables & chicken paella): rice, olive oil, tomato, green beans, artichokes, peas, red and green peppers, garlic, chicken:                       3‘5 KD per portion

Seafood paella: rice, olive oil, tomato, hammour, crabs, shrimps, squid, clams, peppers, garlic, onion, olive oil:   4 KD per portion

Vegetarian paella: rice, olive oil, artichokes, peppers, garlic, onion, tomato, peas, green beans, courgette, aubergine: 3’5 KD per portion

Seafood “Fideua” (with pasta instead of rice): vermicelli pasta, olive oil, tomato, hammour fish, crabs, shrimps, squid, clams, peppers, garlic, saffron, onion, olive oil:             4 KD per portion

“Gazpacho”: the cold tomato soup from Andalucia. Tomato, green pepper, cucumber, onion, garlic, olive oil, vinegar: 2KD per portion

Melon Cream: a cold and refreshing soup made of melon, mint, cream:                                                           K2 KD per portion

Tortilla Spanish omelette: round tortilla to share (eggs, potato, green pepper and onion):                                              6 KD (whole)

“Arroz con leche” (rice pudding for 6-8 people):      8 KD                            

“Natillas” (Spanish custard)                                         6 KD     

Other Spanish traditional dishes and recipes can be also cooked on request. Ask for details! Email:

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