Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Wonderful People at K'S PATH

“I was on my way to work on, what then seemed to be, a normal Saturday morning when my phone rang. As soon as I heard the story on the other end I realized it was not just going to be any Saturday. It was a call about a malnourished and extremely skinny horse in need. He was seen outside a farm in Wafra standing amongst piles of garbage probably trying to find something eatable. I told volunteer Fatima Al-Sabah sitting next to me in the car that we were going to take a little detour. Once we arrived at the place where the horse was supposed to have been seen he was nowhere to be found. We drove around the area for about half an hour and the feeling of resignation was bubbling up. Continuing to ask around we found some people on a farm that pointed us in a northern direction. We drove along a small road that ended by some camels and another horse in a simple enclosure. We found him.

Having grown up with horses the sight ahead of me made my horse loving heart crease with sadness. The brown horse was skinny without an ounce of weight on him, his skin was dirty and had fallen off at large parts of his body due to lack of care, he was full of ticks yet he didn’t hesitate to smell my hand and give me a little encouraging nudge. The heat spiked well over 40-45 degrees Celsius, the desert sun scorching high above our heads drying my mouth. I could only imagine the thirst he must have felt. I placed my hand on his wide forehead determined to help this horse.

We quickly organized for the horse to be picked up and the care taker of the camels and the other horse were very helpful in the process also wanting to see this homeless horse go to a safe place. The joy I felt deep in my stomach once the horse was standing in K’S PATH trailer happily munching away on hay cannot be described with words but I am sure the smile on my face spoke for itself.”

- Hanna Al-Mansour

Lancelot arrived safely at the K’S PATH shelter on the very same Saturday 1st of September, 2012. He is being looked after by K’S PATH staff given the love and care he deserves and is currently undergoing treatments and blood work to gather information in hope of a brighter future. Everyone at K’S PATH is staying positive in helping Lancelot once again gain the strength of the beautiful horse he is.

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