Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yoga with V

Did you know that the muscles on the torso’s left side tend to be “tighter” than the right side?

Why is that, you ask?

Since our left side houses more material like the heart, for example, there is less space and more density. And even more fascinating is the fact that if the left side of the chest and left shoulder are particularly restricted, it is very likely that there is limitation at the right side of the neck at the hairline.


What is Yoga with V?
An eclectic mix of tradition & power yoga combined with pilates for your body's increased flexibility and stronger immunity. 
Make YOGA fun & rewarding for your health & mental peace.
60 min session @  3kd / session. (Weekends Preferred)

To know more about my classes please write at or Call (+965) 66434936 

Classes only for females (15 yrs & above)

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