Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Were You a Child in Kuwait During the Gulf War? The BBC World Service Would Like to Hear From You Today

An email from BBC World Service -


My name is Shaimaa Khalil . I work for the BBC World Service on a programme called World Have Your Say. It’s a conversation programme discussing news stories with contributors from around the world. Today our topic is – being a child in a conflict zone.

This is inspired by the Save The Children report about Syria’s children. We wanted to get a group of people together who have  experienced being in a conflict zone as children to speak to one another.

Kuwait was one of the places we thought of and I was wondering if you knew anyone who could take part in our programme.

I read your blog about memories of the Gulf War and thought it was great!

We go on air today at 0500 PM GMT.  So it would be great of you can put us in contacts with Kuwaities that have lived through this and can speak to us.

TO find out more about our programme and our topic today please go to our facebook page ..

Also please CC my colleagues Karnie and Rabiya cc’es on this email as they too are working on today’s programme.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon



LWDLIK - Good luck Shaimaa. I hope some Kuwaitis will contact you to recount their stories. I remember how important the BBC World Service was to us during the Gulf War; it was our only link to the outside world. I hope the Kuwaitis have stories that can reassure, help and encourage those poor children who may be listening in Syria and any other war zones. God help them all.

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