Sunday, April 20, 2014

Does British Leadership Get More Embarassing Than This? PM Cameron Tries to Appoint Bankrupt Crony

Tony Caplin

A businessman appointed by the prime minister to head a quango managing public funds has resigned after reports that he had been declared bankrupt.

A Conservative spokesman said that Tony Caplin had resigned as chairman of the Public Works Loan Board (PWLB).

The organisation is responsible for multi-million pound loans to local councils for infrastructure projects.

Mail on Sunday reported that an investigation by Number 10 revealed Mr Caplin had been made bankrupt in 2012.

Whitehall rules require anyone serving on a public body who is declared bankrupt to inform the relevant minister immediately.

A Conservative Party spokesman said: "Tony Caplin has no role in the Conservative Party nor is he contributing to the manifesto. 

"He was appointed to a number of public bodies by the previous government. 

"He was re-appointed to the PWLB by the prime minister. He should have declared he was bankrupt.

 "This has been pointed out to him and as a result he has resigned."

Senior Labour MP Margaret Hodge, who chairs the Commons Public Accounts Committee, told The Mail on Sunday: "This raises serious questions which should be investigated

The former Conservative Party chief operating officer has served on a number of public bodies, including the North West London Hospitals NHS Trust, where he was chairman until January last year.

He had been a PWLB commissioner for 10 years and was appointed chairman by Mr Cameron in July 2013.

LWDLIK - What is wrong with the moral fibre of Brits these days? Home and abroad we are facing scandalous affairs.


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