Tuesday, April 22, 2014

MP Nabeel Al Fadhel Recovering From Kidney Transplant

Yesterday, MP Nabeel Al Fadhel underwent a life-saving kidney transplant that was long overdue. His health has been failing for years now, not that anyone would have guessed by his feisty presence at parliament. Nabeel lost a kidney many years ago to cancer and had managed on one kidney for more than a decade. He has had several heart attacks, has 18 stents in his heart, numerous death threats and one memorable trashing of his beloved Porsche - thankfully he was not in it. But that does not stop this formidable force.

One of the main reasons that Nabeel waited so long was that he had real issues with taking anyone's kidney. A moral and ethical dilemma for him.

Finally, after much deliberation, his doctors and loved ones managed to convince him that it was absolutely necessary as he was living on borrowed time. After weeks on dialysis he agreed to the surgery. His youngest son, Ahmed, had been one of the first to step up as a potential donor and was a perfect match. What greater gift of love can a person give. Both are recovering well and we wish them a full, speedy return to good health. 

And to the naysayers, whiners and Neanderthals out there - Watch out he's Back!


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