Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Nincompoop Award of the Week Goes to...

Abdullah Buwair -  for his racist, ridiculous attempt in The Kuwait Times [link] to blame all Kuwait's woes on the expat workers.  

Regardless of these being reported the very same day.

I particularly liked Mr Allan Gould's response on FB to the reigning nincompoop's article -

You truly are an idiot. You once again show how out of touch you are with your own country. "Foreigners determining the fate of future generations." Let's be frank about this. Kuwait ranks lowly on the education index. 91 out of 181 with a decrease of 1. Most countries below Kuwait are either steady or increasing. This would suggest that Kuwait is going to rank lower in the coming future. Foreigners were brought in to bolster that. The private universities here are scams aimed at making as much money as they can. Kuwaiti's run these institutions and the foreign staff watch on perplexed by the unprofessional manner in which they are run. I have yet to meet a Kuwaiti, why is that? Are there an army of Kuwaiti teachers unemployed because of foreign workers? No, there aren't. You're comment about expats driving 24 hours a day is at best amusing. Not only is it the sort of thing a really stupid person would claim, but it also manages to imply that the crack addled expat who can't sleep, drives around the place waiting to cause traffic jams. Public services are called public services because they are set up to serve the public. You might want to read this a few times a day to let it sink into your brain. As far as I can see, Nazi Germany is dead and gone. I think the public are entitled to use public services. The victims of visa trafficking are in the minority. You give the impression that they are in the majority planning to what? Blow the the country up? Relax. You have the American, Egyptian and Saudi forces (they are all expats by the way) behind you, if there ever is an invasion from foreign construction workers/garbage collectors. The expat community would like to thank Abdullah Buwair for his stupid, misinformed opinions and racist commentary. This is free speech after all. This is democracy in action. Please do not stop, this is the best entertainment yet, even better than the overcrowded cinemas. I hope that you have another job because this is not journalism. This is toilet paper.

Thank you Allan couldn't have said it better myself.

Abdullah Buwair - Your insinuations that we (expats) are all a bane on the society, criminals and create social problems for Kuwaitis are insulting and pathetic, to say the least.

Don't cha just love free speech!



  1. What do you expect if you live in a country with INSTITUTIONALISED RACISM. You as Expats give them the creedence they desire because all of you are really closet racists who enjoy the luxury of what is really slave labour by paying a pittance for maids etc and living in an environment where builders and labourers are paid peanuts and regularly abused.

    Now read:

    1. You have some relevant points but your anger, and need for a spell checker, makes your blog hard to read. Does that make me racist?

  2. Kim! Have you seen this?

    He pissed me off so much I wrote a poem about one of his articles -_-

    1. Hi Nada, yes I did see it and I loved it. You must have missed this LOL


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