Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Promising Young Kuwaiti Teenage Pianist Lulwa Al Shamlan Plays Carnegie Hall

Arab and European musicians are enchanted by the magical performance of young pianist Lulwa Al-Shamlan.

Lulwa won a number of prizes in and outside Kuwait at a very young age, Lulwa's father told KUNA.

While competing in one of the tournaments, a Russian pianist, in his 30s, said that he first heard of Kuwait thanks to the young talented Lulwa.

Despite her peaceful nature; Lulwa's cry for recognition was clear enough to earn her the respect of experts locally and internationally, her father said.

He added that, she would also help her mother in teaching piano to beginners.
Having the ability to face crowds in live performances accounted for her success in a way, her mother Ofelia said.

Judges would compliment her ability to master hard pieces composed by pioneer pianists such as Chopin and Heyden at a young age, she added.

They would also note her ability to compose new pieces during competitions, as she (Lulwa) showed utter creativity, Ofelia noted.

It seemed that Lulwa, whose first concert was held at the age of five, had set a goal for herself to take part in prestigious concerts worldwide, she said.

The three-and-a-half hours of training paid well in 2008 as she was admitted into Wells Cathedral School, one of UK's prestigious musical schools, she said.

Lulwa studied there for a year; nevertheless, was forced into leaving the school due to lack of resources, she said.

Since then, Lulwa has been receiving financial support from Loyac, the private sector and Kuwait's National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters, she added.

Thanks to the financial support she received, Lulwa was back as a part-time student where she traveled to the UK every month and receives instruction from music professors, Ofelia pointed out that Lulwa's professors also shared their belief in the child's promising talent and success, she said.

LWDLIK - Bravo Lulwa! And well done LoYAC for giving this young talent the support she needed.


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