Friday, April 11, 2014

The Horrible Disgusting Shame of Dubai's Camel Jockey Slaves


  1. This documentary is 10 years old, they now use robot jockeys.

    1. Yes, I've heard that under international pressure from human rights groups and, undoubtedly, a few admonishments from western government officials that they are using robot jockeys. What worries me is how anyone in this day and age, even 10 years ago, can think it's okay to do this. And then only to change to robot jockeys because of pressure. I, for one, think they should be monitored to make sure this doesn't ever happen again. On the documentary it already states that it was supposedly outlawed but continued to happen.
      I had dinner one night with a few people who were involved in stopping the same thing here in Kuwait. I think I upset one of them because my opinion was that even though it's stopped in Kuwait and UAE (hopefully) that poor kids in their own villages are still being abused, their fathers still drink and sell their kids. Very, very sad indeed. So it is admirable to stop but it would be far more humane to look at the bigger picture and pay workers a fair wage so that eventually the money trickles back and makes everyone's life better.
      Hopeless optimist that I am.


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