Friday, May 2, 2014

Review: Edo Japanese Restaurant, Shaab :OI

It's been a while since I last visited. I remember it being a lot better. Had lunch with the girlies yesterday was... unimpressive. 
Free valet parking is a nice touch, and necessary as it's very hard to find parking otherwise.
Nice cool, spacious interior. Love the ostrich egg light fittings, colours and style of the place. Service was a little slow and erratic. Had to remind the waitress several times for green tea. Place was quite empty so no excuse. Seafood salad was delicious, various sushi acceptable, fried oysters I didn't like at all but in fairness I'm not a big oyster lover, beef teriyaki not as I would have liked it (beef had an odd taste and texture), baked mushrooms were delicious (could have done with this sauce on the teriyaki). No crème brulee! How can you put it on the menu, get four ladies all excited and then not have it? Had to remind waitress who was supposed to be checking on whether they had it or not - she forgot and we sat waiting.

Trendy vibe to the place but prefered evenings with a little jazz.

A meager 5/10

Sorry Edo you've lost your mojo. There are better Japanese restaurants out there.

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