Monday, May 26, 2014

Travel Triumphs, Tidbits and Tribulations

Villa Euphrassi de Rothchild

I adore travelling but who doesn't. Although come to think of it I do have a few millionaire
friends who really don't like to. Quite odd. Seems the less money you have the more you like to travel. One of my favourite hobbies is planning, researching and going on...holidays. I know, a therapist would have me diagnosed in a nanosecond.

This year, and most years, we struggle to stay within a certain budget. We always overspend and can never understand why. After Vegas and LA last year we were convinced that our credit cards had been stolen. Of course they hadn't - but I kinda wish they had been as it means I'm a lousy CFO and budget-conscious travel planner :O(

Undeterred, and happy that my husband has almost forgotten last year's credit card meltdown, we are almost set for this summer's adventures. Off to sunny England (hope I haven't jinxed things already with that statement), and five nights in the south of France for a fabulous wedding at the stunning Villa Euphrassi de Rothschild in Cap-Ferat. Luckily, we also have some very wealthy friends who love to travel, enjoy their money and are so much fun. I shall wear a new sparkly Cinderella outfit and keep my fingers crossed.

So, because we are far from being rich, I like to nab us a bargain. A few great places to do that (tried and tested by moi) is perfect for renting apartments and villas worldwide, is great for bargain hotel rooms, for comparing prices on websites for travel, hotels, car hire. It is also wise to cross check that the hotel's own website isn't offering the lowest price before you book. I did try out the site this morning after seeing it's tempting full-page colour supplement and 'Win a Trip Around the World' competition. Seemed interesting, especially as it promised 3 nights for 2 deals at top hotels if paying by MasterCard. Was sucked in for a moment until I tried to book a hotel and it said code not available (and could not find a code and therefore have to pay full price). Oh well, some things are just too good to be true. Back to my favs. Although if anyone does have the code please share. Who doesn't love 3 for 2 deals?

Happy holidays all xxx



  1. As in The Sound of Music. "I love my rich friends and I love the way I live when I am with them"
    I wish I had a couple of rich friends.

    1. I don't remember the line but it certainly has a Disney princess feel about it. Of course, the clock strikes 12 and poof it's all over for us. We'll certainly enjoy the moment though.


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