Saturday, May 31, 2014

Review: Vapiano Italian Cafeteria, The Avenues Near Cheesecake Factory :O(

Having been in Avenues for 6 hours I was looking forward to a nice sit down and something tasty to eat. We saw Vapiano's (next to Color Me Mine, upstairs) and it looked busy, fun and very appealing. Great interior, quirky, unique and stylish. Some good music playing and it promised to be a pleasant dining experience. WRONG.

Sat ourselves down on the high stools provided. Immediately didn't like that my chair had no back, my daughter and her friend wouldn't swop with me and I wasn't comfortable. There are only a few low tables and they were all occupied. The kids were as tired as I was after 5 hours in Kidzania so I didn't push it. 

We are then told by the waiter that we have to take our card (looks just like a credit card) and go over to the counter and order. Again, not what I wanted to hear seeing as my tootsies were on fire. Had problems with my card registering my order but finally managed to order a tomato soup and a chicken Caesar salad. Soup was ready immediately, salad needed 6 minutes. As I left the counter with my tray and soup another employee asked if I wanted bread with my soup. Seems the lady who gave me the order had; a) forgotten b) couldn't be bothered to get me some bread.

Sat down, ate soup which I enjoyed and recommended to my daughter as she had a little cold. Soup was on menu as tomato soup with basil. Tasted good. My daughter's soup was delayed as they'd run out and when she got it she couldn't eat it as it was a little too chilli for her. But mine had not been at all chilli and I wouldn't have recommended it to my daughter as she hates chilli. The chicken caesar salad had dry tasteless chicken, was overdressed, had limp lettuce and soggy croutons; everything you don't want your Caesar salad to be. Called over the waitress who took my 'almost uneaten' salad away. We then had to remind her that my daughter's friend also was not interested in eating her tasteless chicken Caesar salad. By now I've called for the manager, Lester  - who explained he was one of the managers (?), said he would look into the soup matter. He arrived back at my table with a soup sample and assured me this was the same soup. I tasted it, it was also a little chilli and watered down not unlike a watery arrabbiata sauce. Now I'm peeved. Lester tells me that he will remove the items from our bill. However, on payment to the cashier nothing has been removed except the chicken from one of Caesar salads. This is where I have minor meltdown and refuse to pay for anything except the bottles of water (which were delicious) and my soup, which was good but a lousy dining experience. Lester, bless him, knew not to elevate the situation further and took the money for the water and 1 soup.

Major gripe - the tables have a centre piece that can't be moved which leaves very little space for the huge tray and it is bothersome if you aren't so tall to see over it. Hated the backless stools. Do not like having to get up to order my food, and then go collect my food.


An expensive Sbarro's. Won't be going back.


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