Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Wonderful People (and Animals) of KARE - Kuwait Animal Rehabilitation & Education

The magnificent Bingo was adopted by a family who had to return him due to allergies suffered by their youngest daughter. They were very sad to return him because, as they said "He is an amazing dog, very smart & easy to train, loves to play & very affectionate" They already knew that but we're happy to hear all that from someone else 😊

Bingo gets along very well with other dogs, he is 5 months old & can't wait to meet the new lucky happy family. If you wish to adopt Bingo please call 66610320 or email mahamullajuma@gmail.com 

Kimchi was in the middle of the street under the cars when an animal lover spotted him & rushed to save his life.

She did her part, now it's someone else's turn!

Kimchi needs an urgent foster home, he is 6 weeks old, can eat on his own but could use the bottle or just kitty milk to support his system.

Can you help Kimchi? please call 97833237 or email mahamullajuma@gmail.com

LWDLIK - I'm bowled over by KARE's endless energy and big hearts. Selflessly rescuing and housing the unwanted and often horribly abused stray cats and dogs in Kuwait. How can anyone throw out these poor babes? If you'd like to adopt or contact them the tel number and email's above. They are on Facebook [link] too with a gallery of gorgeous little BFFs.


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