Monday, May 19, 2014

Best Yoga Poses for Fat Burning, Energising, Calming and De-Stressing

Nameste sisters

I've done different forms of exercise, including yoga, on and off (mostly off) for decades. Until now I haven't found anything as effective and satisfying as these poses. I've increased my stamina (no need to limit myself to one event a day as I now have energy for more), seem to breathe deeper, have loosened up all my creaky stiff joints, lost the horrible cotton wool head feeling and feel pretty darn good.

We, my yogi bear sister, go straight into the second video too. But you could work up to it. I love being able to do my yoga in my neighbour's home away from kids, in my old sweats with no make up. For some daft reason I always feel I have to 'dress' for the gym.

Give it a try. You will feel calmer after and almost as if you've had a massage - I kid you not.

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