Saturday, May 31, 2014

Review: Pizzetta at Seif :OI

Had a quick so-so lunch here today. A couple of pale, insipid-looking flatbreads (margarita and one with portobella mushrooms) tasted okay nothing special. Goat's chess salad was lovely and fresh, nicely dressed and delicious. Chicken Caesar salad okay. A mozzarella, avocado stacked dish was not bad. Some yummy lemonade with mint. And a well received chocolate marshmallow dessert - glad we were sharing as couldn't have eaten it all. Double expresso was very fine indeed. Not cheap at just less than KD 30. Restaurant is looking a little run-down these days. Toilets smelled awful and were dirty (tissues on floor, sink dirty). The staff were changing over it was around 3-3.30PM but no excuse as the restaurant was practically empty. Service pleasant but we had to wait a long time for the juices which arrived half way through meal.

I, usually, love to go the Seif strip restaurants but I'm finding them less appealing these days. They used to be packed, lively and so good. Sadly, that has changed.



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