Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bling H2O From The Sultan Centre for the Ostentatiously Pretentious Morons

"Now available at TSC, Bling H2O water from the English Mountain Spring located at the base of the great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. It goes through a 9 step purification process and is placed in frosted bottles decorated with Swarovski crystals.
*Available at TSC Salmiya, Shaab, Sharq, Hawally, Kout and Jabriya."

LWDLIK - Excuse me whilst I have a coughing fit and squirt coffee through my nose. Does anyone seriously buy this stuff? At KD 11 per bottle. How is it English spring water if it's at the base of a mountain in Tenessee? I think someone's taking the mickey.


  1. KD11.750 is how much it costs. US$50. For a bottle. Of water.

    You know they're going to just refill with tap water and serve it to unsuspecting MacChickens on the weekends, right?

    1. Seriously delusional probably bought by shiny shoed Saudis, driving their bosses car trying to impress the girlies.


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