Sunday, November 2, 2014

Les Spectacles De Versailles - Incroyable!

LWDLIK - We visited Chateau de Versailles on our last trip to Paris enroute for Eurodisney. It's only 30 mins outside the centre of Paris. Well worth a visit. You will need at least 4-6 hours minimum at the Chateau. We flew in from Kuwait and stayed one night in the hotel next door, Waldorf Astoria Trianon  and walked the short distance to the Chateau in the morning. We'd had a hearty breakfast, checked out and left our luggage with the concierge at hotel. Golf carts are available to get around the wonderful vast landscaped gardens (my daughter loved driving it and playing in the garden) the place is just stunningly gorgeous. Would love to go back when they have an event there in the evening maybe Bastille day. Putting it on my bucket list. Book ahead to avoid queues in summer [link].

I remember hearing that a Kuwaiti couple had their wedding party here. How fabulous! Sadly, I hear they are no longer married. Still a truly unforgettable night I'm sure. Though going to be hard to top it.


  1. Hey - when I started droppin' F bombs (French phrases) on my blog, they called me pretentious. Sigh... you DO seem to use the language in a much classier way!

    1. LOL just proving to my little girl that mummy really can speak some French after her declaring that it isn't French in the car when I yell at other drivers.


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