Sunday, November 2, 2014

British Food Festival at Lulu Hypermarket

Photos courtesy of the British Embassy Facebook page

His Excellency Matthew James Lodge British Ambassador to Kuwait

Okay need to do a recky on this. Anyone know what they have? Do they have shepherd's pie? Steak and kidney pudding? Mince pies? 

Update: Feedback so far is - Unimpressive, same old same old stuff, nothing new. 

Dear Santa Mr Lulu 

We would very much like English Christmas cakes, mince pies, Christmas stockings filled with Cadburys chocolates, Christmas crackers, decent Xmas tree lights that are much longer than 3 metres, reasonably priced Xmas cards of decent quality, santa hats, stars for top of tree, Cadburys Xmas selection boxes, sage and onion stuffing, Butterball turkeys, brussel sprouts and parsnips (not ridiculously priced please), Bisto gravy, Xmas puddings, Santa outfit for the dog, Elf apron and hat for the maid, chestnuts, collapsible decorated Xmas trees, Xmas socks, Xmas slippers, silly Xmas gifts that fit into Xmas stockings. And so much more.. It's Xmas we yearn to have all our home comforts and are willing to splurge so please get your sleigh out and whip up some Christmassness for us all because we've been ever so good. Thank you although the dog's looking worried. x

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  1. No. The only hot food they had was Fish N Chips, which looked like it had been sitting out all day. I don't understand a British Food Festival that does not include any British Food. I didn't see any new items.


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