Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Baby in the Basket Story

One of the younger kids that goes to school on my 11 year old daughter's bus every morning, we'll call him N, told my daughter the story of where his father came from. Seems his grandma explained to N that many, many years ago there was a knock at the door and Jesus delivered N's father in a basket to his grandma. N was quite serious about it and had the air of sharing some great knowledge with my daughter. My daughter amused at this tried to correct him and said that Jesus died a long time ago to which N replied, "Must have been his brother then!"

So my daughter gets to school and she starts telling her friend about this cuteness. Her friend on hearing the name Jesus corrects her to Essa (as per the Quran) so my daughter retells the story replacing Jesus with the name Essa. At the end of the story there's no laughter from her friend just an amazed look on the face of her friend who asks, "Really?"

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