Sunday, November 30, 2014

Review: Chuseok Korean Festival at the Korean Embassy by Adil of Kuwaiti-Trailmix.Com


I attended Chuseok, a major Korean harvest festival, last week at the Korean embassy in Mishref and, as soon I entered the gate, I was caught off guard by how magnificent and zen it looked. I apologize for not taking more pictures of the actual building, I just felt queasy about it as most embassies prohibit or restrict photography.
There was this artificial river running across the courtyard where the cute as a button children love to play that I found so disarmingly beautiful.
One of the children rushed up to me out of nowhere as I was talking to someone, gave me a birthday candle and gestured for me to blow it. Gosh he was adorable! He was smiling and laughing. This might be an politically incorrect thing to say but I’ve always had a soft spot for Asian kids. I know others who do as well.
I mean I am a big softie when it comes to all children, they are all beautiful, but Asian kids and babies have a certain je ne sais quoi.
What I also loved about the visit to the embassy was seeing Korean fashion in the flesh. Korean youth have an impeccable flair for fashion and even though I personally wouldn’t wear what they do – I prefer earthy and loose fitting as opposed to edgy and custom fit- I strongly admire the way they piece their outfits together. They looked runway-good.
Seeing as I live very close to the embassy, I hope to visit it again soon.
LWDLIK - Thanks Adil of your blog is also a great source for Hindi movie lovers.  I'm waiting to hear about your trip to Ethiopia and read more of your reviews. More details on Chuseok Korean Culture Event Kuwait [link]. Will be sure to post news of the next event.

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  1. seems that I have missed it doing other things ! Maybe next time !


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