Friday, November 7, 2014

What Are These Dark Streaks in The Sea?

They are drifting and changing shape. I hope it's not an oil spill. 

Update: Thanks to Roxanne who has read in Kuwait Times that it is algal (new word for me) bloom.

Algal Bloom according to Wiki [link].

harmful algal blooms (HABs), which are algal bloom events involving toxic or otherwise harmful phytoplankton such as dinoflagellates of the genus Alexandrium and Karenia, or diatoms of the genus Pseudo-nitzschia. Such blooms often take on a red or brown hue and are known colloquially as red tides.

Let's hope this doesn't contaminate the sea life, fish and shrimp. Little worrying!


  1. See today's Kuwait Times - 11/11/14 - these streaks must be from the Red Tide - algae bloom.

    1. Hi Roxanne, thank you for the info so glad to hear it's not oil. Algae bloom - that's a first for me.


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