Thursday, April 14, 2016

Desperate Plea From Mother Stuck at Doha Airport #QatarAirwaysMedicalEmergency

My husband and I and our Dr, were traveling to Berlin yesterday with our VERY SICK INFANT Sofia, and thanks to their incompetence we are not.
We are stuck in Doha Airport hotel due to the incompetence of Qatar airways, before leaving Kuwait and while booking our flight we had a medical form filled out by the airline, and we supplied them with all the medical reports they needed, and we have a Dr flying with us as well.
The signed agreement was to supply both flights KWT/DOHA, DOHA/BERLIN with a medical Ventilator and oxygen, both on standby in case of any emergency regarding the baby.
While flying Doha, our Dr, TAREK AL AWAMRY, asked to see the ventilator so that he can operate it in case of an emergency happening, the crew told us they do not have it and they do not know what we are talking about, all they did supply us with was oxygen, no ventilator, we let that pass ,and then while boarding to Berlin, again, no medical machines on the flight, so of course we went off the plane not to put our baby in danger.
After speaking to a lot of people in the airport, apparently someone did not send our form to qatar with the confirmation of the ventilator, THOUGH WE GOT A CONFIRMATION FROM QATAR AIRWAYS THAT THE MACHINE WILL BE ON BOTH FLIGHTS.
Now they cannot supply us with anything to go Berlin, they found a ventilator that can help us reach Berlin (where our baby has an appointment at Helios Klinik that took us quite an effort to arrange, and now we will simply miss it), "But its too expensive to use only once, you have to go back to kuwait", they want to terminate our medical trip due to their incompetence and refusal to buy a medical ventilator that saves our baby's life because its too expensive for Qatar airways.
The disaster is that our Dr have to leave us, he will return to kuwait today and we do not have anyone to accompany us to Berlin if they found the ventilator, Im a lawyer and we will file charges in Kuwait.
Now we want to save our baby she is jeopardized, she is supposed to have an OPERATION ASAP, we will not go back to kuwait, we are now staying at Doha's airport hotel.
We need a ventilator
We need a new pediatrician/neonatologist to accompany us to Berlin
We need help right this second
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Sue Azmi.

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