Monday, April 25, 2016

Better Beach Event Vendor Opportunities

‏We are the Phenomenal Family

‏Which means (unique) in terms of the work we have decided to be different in the thrill of giving all kinds, as we discovered in our own way and contacting many of the Kuwaiti gracious personalities, that there are a lot of Kuwaiti families that are in need of our help.
‏So with kindness we're going to help them with the money we will going to earn from the event.

‏in this event were gonna have a lot of exciting activities, water sports such as wakeboarding, jetski, water slides and much more to offer!

‏This email is sent to ask if you would like to have a booth for this event which will be held in Khairan on May 6 approved on Friday from 8am-8pm.
note: 50% of the money we'll be raising of this exhibition are for the Kuwaiti families that are in need either its going to be cash money, house needs, etc.

‏Booth size: 3x3 = 75kd
‏Food truck= 120

‏For inquiries:
‏Jana alzanki: 66151501
‏Jouri alzanki: 69985272
‏Nouria alfadhl: 67089888


‏To book a booth:
‏Booth name:
‏Booth description:
‏Booth owner:

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