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What’s Your Location? Re-imagined Reality - Group Exhibition at CAP

Opening reception: Tuesday3/5/2016 – (7:00pm – 9:00pm)Exhibition dates: 4/5/2016 – 4/6/2016Location: Contemporary Art Platform / Main Exhibition Space

What’s Your Location?

Originally shown in Porto Alegre, Brazil, the acclaimed exhibition What’s your Location? Is coming to CAP, Kuwait. The latest works of 16 contemporary Kuwaiti and international artists will be exhibited showcasing their development of the themes that made this thought provoking exhibition so successful in Brazil.

What’s your Location? Explores what is more real, that which we see for the first time or what we know from experience? Is our memory of a subject more real than its description? What of the many representations of the world; can we take them as substitutes for a deferred reality or the condition of the world itself?

The works in the exhibition derive from artists living in different environments using various means to address their circumstances, and yet they continue to ask these same questions of us. How do we apprehend the world now that we can experience it more easily as representation than at first hand? Where does this leave us?

Participating artists: Amani AlThuwaini, Amira Ali Behbehni, Antonio Da Silva, Dana Aljouder, Farah Salem, Frederick Bell, Gayle Chong Kwan, Jassim Alnashmi, Judy-Ann Moule, Katia Salvany, Khaled Nazar, Mohamad Hafez, Muneera Alsharhan, Rommulo Vieira Conceição, Ruth Jones, Steven Scott.

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Context, Process and Practice: A one to one discussion about approaches to contemporary art.
Tutorial by the British artist Steven Scott
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About the tutorial:Working with media and material combinations that include video and moving image, projection, light, photography, text and print, Steven often utilises such methods as mirroring, repetition, phasing and extended duration to approach a point where movement and stasis become less distinguishable and the image begins to loosen its relationship to its subject. An international contemporary artist, Steven Scott, currently studying for a PhD in the Royal College of Art, is coming to Kuwait to present a new project in association with CAP. 

The tutorials will start from the 2nd of May with a presentation about the tutorials followed by one-on-one artist meetings of one-hour duration. The second meeting will be discussed with the artists and Steven, it will be the opportunity to discuss and bring proposals concerning what the artist intends to develop in his/her art work.

Finally, a group critique will be organized by the curators, Antonio Da Silva and Jassim Alnashmi, where all the artists will be gathering together to discuss the development of their work based on the tutorials provided. This critique will be sent to Steven in London.

The artists, who participate in the tutorials, will be invited to submit their final piece of artwork for a future exhibition.

·  Only 10 participants will be selected.
·  Participating artist should submit:
   - Portfolio
   - Biography
· Tutorials start: 2nd May - 5th May 2016


What’s Your Location? Program

Talk by Judy-Ann Moule on Monday May 9th at 7pm

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Talk by Amira Ali Behbehani on Monday May 9th at 7:30pm

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Talk by Antonio Da Silva and Jassim Alnashmi Wednesday May 11th at 7pm

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