Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Stevie Wonder Carpool Karaoke

Just love Stevie Wonder.

About 30 years my friend, Nikki, and I were in a nightclub in London we were just about to leave, as it was full of Japanese tourists, when two black guys came in. One was really tall and one shorter with beads in his hair. As we walked up the stairs to the exit the tall black guy had followed us and asked us to have a drink with him. We said no thanks and that we were moving on. As we got outside he asked if his driver could drop us and before we knew it a Rolls Royce pulled up, before I could say no my friend got in the backseat, the tall black guy introduced himself and said the driver will drop you wherever you want to go and he left. Once in the car the driver asked if we were friends with Stevie and we said Stevie who? The driver then went on to tell us that the other guy with beads in his hair was Stevie Wonder and was staying at a hotel in Mayfair where he would play piano some nights for the hotel guests. Awesomeness. No, we didn't dash back to the nightclub but still a great memory.


  1. Oh wow, are you serious!? What an experience! Haha, if it were me, I'm sure I probably would've ran back and claimed to have forgotten my purse or something like that. Wow, that's an awesome story to retell to the kids!

    1. We did think about it. Yes, I'm documenting all these old stories before I forget so one day my daughter can read them.


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