Saturday, June 5, 2010


Before you start drooling read below..

Just missed their breakfast offer which ends at 11.45am and looked like a good deal. Decided to stay and have waffles and an American coffee black which came to KD 2.950. They arrived 18 minutes later looking great...sadly they were rubbery, tasteless and doughy :O(

Had a word with the manager, couldn't complain too much as my precious pumpkin was busy finishing them off whilst I chatted with manager. I did explain to him that in my humble opinion the waffles were not up to par, and that just because my daughter happily polished off the lot that if he covered the napkin in nutella she'd eat that too..His solution was to offer another plate of waffles..Replacement appreciated but as they were what I had just complained about I declined. An alternative or a voucher for next time would have been nice. Told him to go down to small place next to Geant Supermarket in 360 Mall and try their waffles which are fabulous!

Plus their coffee is a little too bitter for me. Shame about the food, service and the breakfast deal that I missed - was a pretty good offer.


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