Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mulberry Rocks.. Maybe..

I bought a Mulberry bag in England last year it was barely used but had several unexpected faults. One was that the handles made tiny punch holes in the flap of the bag, another was that it leeched color from other bags ie. it was a white patent leather bag and I placed it next to a black bag and there was colour transference. Not good. So a friend was going to the UK and offered to return it via post.

I got this email from them..

"Dear Kim
Thank you for returning your East West Bayswater in patent for our attention and appraisal.
We are always grateful for any feedback from our customers and would like to thank you for taking the time and trouble to return your item to us.
We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality products and service and as you can imagine we take this extremely seriously. All our components, material and products undergo rigorous quality checking before during and after production. However unfortunately from time to time a product slips through our carefully maintained quality net but we would like to assure you this is rare.
Unfortunately it is not possible to repair the item and, no longer being part of our stocked range, we are unable to offer an exact replacement. Please choose an alternative from our current collection or we can issue vouchers for £450.
Kind Regards
Kate Peters
Senior Repairs and Returns Administrator
Tel 01761 234206 / 01749 822131
Fax 01749 346789

Well I read through the email several times and, to me, it looks as if I may be able to choose any bag. Can that be? I've seen a gorgeous coral ostrich Bayswater for a lot of money - do you think they mean I can have that one as a replacement? I've asked them let's see what they say. Because if that's true then Mulberry sure as hell has the best customer service I've ever experienced and I will tatoo their logo across my left boob and become a life-long devotee.

LWDLIK update- :O( No, has to be 450 GBP only. Still pretty darn good customer service..Oh well.

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