Monday, June 28, 2010

InFUNity at 360 Mall

Just tried the rollercoaster at InFUNity in 360 Mall, it's awesome...I screamed like an extra for a horror movie and not a peep from my 7 year old..BEWARNED it's not for wimps or pregnant women. They have an interesting looking enclosed play area (something like Mcdonalds but bigger and better) for younger kids which is KD 3 for all day (which for peace and quiet thro lunch and a whole day with out being bullied into buying a toy or spending hours and KD 20 in Claire's, I thought was pretty good value).

The spinning coaster is KD 1.500 for a scary, heart-churning, face-whitening experience. (It's a spinning roller coaster and really quite fun once it's over and you realise you are not going to die).
We were four and as we purchased a KD 5 card got a bonus dinar (so the ride cost us KD 1.250 each).
They have lots of great stuff for the kids; there's bumper cars, climbing wall and an assortment of fun fair rides for the bigger kids, like me :O)

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