Wednesday, June 9, 2010

TONI&GUY Hairdressing in Kuwait

Located at Al Corniche Club, Gulf Road, Shaab. They have 20% off your first visit during the month of June if you join their FB page [link] Tel. Al Corniche: 25663286. Mobile: 66187070


  1. That salon sucks! The hairdressers are all very young girls with no experience.

  2. Have to say my experience was mediocre. I just got back from Oriental Princess (Sharq) open from 11-11PM and Teti cut my hair she's good. And no pretence, appointments, waiting, small talk, sales pitch, etc. You can have a dry cut (they wet it down), or the whole works. Very practical and very busy but so fast you'll be in and out in 30mins for cut and blow. I've only got the number for Salmiya which is 25711255 (they have the best foot massage ask for Techar). And it's VERY well priced. I paid KD 15 ( I think) for man/ped and cut, wash & blow.

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  4. If you guys want a change then please call 22626003/55209920 for appointment. I am new here in Kuwait and just moved from the UK with TONI&GUY and now Managing the TONI&GUY AL SHAAB (ACCROSS THE COSTA DEL SOL HOTEL)
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