Thursday, June 3, 2010

Porsche Panamera

Yesterday I had coffee with my girls, which is always great fun, and learned some new and amazing stuff about a friend's luvverly new car a Porsche Panamera. I, now, know it's a Panamera but yesterday we, the friend telling me about the car, and I both called it the Primavera like the pasta. I think for us the name will stick and it will be forever know as the Primavera :O)

 Anyway, this car has air-conditioned seats!! No, I have no idea how many cylinders or blah, blah.. but it has air-conditioned seats, little vents that shoot out cool air to cool down your tush (goodbye thrush) and keep men's reproduction gear in tip-top, optimum storage conditions .


Always great to hear from you :O)