Saturday, June 5, 2010

LoYAC Book Club age 11-18 yrs.

 Next session will be on 19th June 2010. Next library Day will be on 23rd June and Kids Book club will be on 26th June 2010.
Book club is for age 11 – 18 yrs. Book Club has 3 main objectives. The primary and most important objective is to promote reading habit among youth. We strive to build a relation between the youth and books and help them understand the meanings of literary works.
Communication is the most common problem among most of our youth. There is a lack of confidence, communication skills and proper pronunciation. Our second objective is to improve communication skills. For this reason, we have allocated 15 minutes in our weekly meetings for an open discussion among youth on any topic decided during the meetings.
Through this, they communicate with each other, exchange their views and their confidence is built.
Our third objective is to allow students to CREATE new things and to come up with new positive ideas. We provide a platform for our students in the form of different events and competitions. The youth is encouraged to give new ideas to promote reading and improve communication skills among new comers in the Club.

Read. Communicate. Create.

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