Sunday, June 6, 2010

Non-Kuwaiti children suffering from cancer in Kuwait to get free medical treatment

Minister of Health Dr Hilal Al-Sayer has outlined a decree to give non-Kuwaiti children suffering from cancer- free medical treatment. They will be exempt from all fees. The decree 365/1997 will also include non-Kuwaiti employees of MOH (presumably adults if they are employed) and their immediate family members. A second decree provides non-Kuwaitis with 17 more types of free medication that had been previously only been available to Kuwaitis. And reduces the price of 5000 types of medicine by 5%.

Dr Hilal Al-Sayer you make me proud!


  1. The Minister Rocks!!!

  2. Mr Al-Sayer Rocks!!!!!

  3. Hi Meriem, he certainly does :O)

  4. I was very lucky to meet him at a charity function (for Bayt Abdulla) at the German Embassy and I thanked him for being such a great human being. He said it was hard work and could be very trying to which I answered that to know why you are here and what your mission is in life is a rare blessing.
    He has already made his mark and hopefully will inspire 'others' to stand up to the task.


Always great to hear from you :O)