Monday, October 15, 2012

A Full 20% Discount for the LWDLIK Reader Who Had Fraxel at The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Would the LWDLIK reader who did Fraxel yesterday at Dr Adel Quittaneh's The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Salmiya Tel. 25625030 please contact them as they'd like to give you the full 20% discount. Dr Adel left a msg on my Twitter page for you to contact them.

So ladies roll up for 20% Fraxel resurfacing and their other beauty treatments [link]. Just mention LWDLIK before you do the procedure.

To learn more about Fraxel watch this....

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  1. hi thanks yes that was my mistake, she only got 10% but its supposed to be 20%, I will find her tomorrow! thanks!


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