Saturday, October 20, 2012

Slow Response to Gas Leak Slammed

KUWAIT TIMES: Chairman of the Environmental Voluntary Committee (EVC) of Ali Sabah Al-Salem (Um Al- Haiman) area, Ahmed Al-Shurai said that Wednesday’s leak of hydrogen sulfide gas from a Rawdhatain oil well was shocking for everyone. “All of a sudden, we realized that we lack environmental crisis management techniques and skills.

We realized that the Environment Public Authority (EPA) was nothing but a useless body incapable of preventing such disasters,” he stressed. Around 230 people were treated at the Jahra Hospital after they inhaled the gas that had leaked from the Al-Roudhatain oilfield, the Health Ministry’s acting undersecretary Dr. Khaled Al-Sehlawi said. He said all the patients were discharged except five who continue to be hospitalized for further medical tests and follow up. Sehlawi also assured all citizens and expatriates that the symptoms could be easily treated by washing with cold water. Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) yesterday said that no one was injured in the gas leak. KOC told KUNA that the hydrogen sulfide percentage in the atmosphere was recorded as zero in the vicinity of the oil well, which means that the area is safe.


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