Sunday, October 21, 2012

Is Kuwait Falling Apart at the Seams?

Tonight, one day after the Amir's speech and plea for unity, a mass protest against the Amir's decision to change the election law took place. Which is well within the Amir's right to do so; however a huge number of Kuwaitis took to the streets to protest. The change in the law would likely retake the majority back from the government opposition Islamist bloc. 

So was that really what the protest was about? Some think not.

Now if the crowd had stayed at Irada Square - where a gathering was scheduled and would have been legal - instead of moving on to the parliament building and heading and congregating at the Kuwait Towers - would the police have reacted so harshly? Remember parliament was trashed by protestors not so long ago.

In England, if demonstrators deviate from the planned and approved route or location they too will see a side of the police that nobody wants to see.


  1. The sky is falling, chicken little.

  2. The Arab Spring has had an effect...everyone seems to think it's now "fashionable" to protest against the Government.
    In Kuwait I'm not sure what else they could possibly want for...except, in some cases, a purpose in their lives I guess. Islamic Revolution anyone?


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