Sunday, October 21, 2012

Beware People and Dog Owners - Unleashed Pit Bulls in Salwa Block 10 Attack a Small Dog and Owner

The horrific story as printed by the small dog owner, Narine, on her blog Humans and Animals.

"I was planning to walk my dog -on a leash- the day before yesterday. We stepped out of our building’s back side door, which takes you to an open land that the residents use as a parking lot, and then there is an extension to that parking lot separated from the main one by a long and a tall fence. My dog -a very friendly small Japanese spitz- started sniffing around as usual and we were both enjoying the sunlight.
Then we suddenly heard a woman screaming at the top of her lungs. The sound was coming from the extended parking, but I was not able to see through the fence. All I know that the very next moment (although it must have taken at least 5-7 seconds to happen), a young brown pitbull dog shows up in a very close proximity to us. And then another followed. And then finally the owner. The owner, a young woman was screaming: “oh my god, oh my god” and calling their names and trying to grab the collar of one of them and pull. The two dogs were obviously off leash and without muzzles walking in a public area, with the owner having no control whatsoever on them physically or verbally." 

To read more and see pics of this terrifying ordeal ...[link]. 

LWDLIK - This is very sad news. As a dog owner and animal lover it makes spitting mad to hear of owners being so irresponsible with their animals and letting them off their leash. Especially pit bulls who are notoriously aggressive and should be muzzled. Hope Cutie and Narine recover soon from this horrendous experience.

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