Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wandering Around Al Hamra Tower

Have been meaning to go for months and finally my daughter convinced me I should try the Yoforia yoghurt joint at Al Hamra Tower in Sharq - and I'm very glad I did.

The amazing building is an architectural masterpiece. I posted way back several Youtube videos of the construction process that was featured on Discovery Channel's 'Build it Bigger' it is quite fascinating to watch [link].

I wasn't prepared for the breath taking ceilings inside Al Hamra, the best I've ever seen in a 20th century building.  

The mall itself is an uber luxury shopping destination with some mighty fine designers: Gucci, Vera Wang, Hermes, Harrys of London. 

The Hermes store is huge and carries household items as well as bags and accessories. Although, dare I say for fear of never getting a little goody bag from them, I thought the windows unimpressive and the above handbag overly simplistic and lacking Hermes usual impeccable style and workmanship. But that's just me :OD

Stopped by Harrys of London to check out the very, very expensive alligator shoes. They were gorgeous but KD 1030!!! I had to ask if anyone had bought a pair and was told, so far, they've sold two pairs in their 360 Mall store. All the shoes in there were beautifully crafted and most were priced around KD 100 -130 which isn't too bad for that kind of incredible quality.

Harrys of London - The alligator shoe

We had an unremarkable brunch at Chocolate Bar followed by the most delicious frozen yoghurt experience I've had to date. Yoforia, in the basement, is an experience to be repeated very shortly. You take a tub and pour your own yoghurt. There's a choice of different flavours including pomegranate, mango, vanilla, saffron, vimto, original, ferrero roche, raspberry - you can have all of them or just one of them. And then to the topping bars where you'll find every yummy topping on the planet from chopped Kit-Kats, M&Ms, Coco Pops, nuts, rambutan, blueberries, the list goes on and on... and then some heavenly syrups. The tub is then weighed and you pay by weight. Seriously good stuff. Can't wait to go back for more.

Minutes later...Happy tummy

And found this Kuwaiti restaurant on the first floor which looks well worth a visit.

A little peek at the menu on their Facebook page [link]. And they deliver: Tel. 22270234 :OD

My husband told me that 'hanhum' is the word used in Kuwaiti dialect for bon appetit.

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